Terelena Caustic Soda Fabric Mercerizing Machine

Terelena Caustic Soda Fabric Mercerizing Machine with caustic recovery unit (Weight Reduction)

Terelena Caustic Soda Fabric Mercerizing Machine with caustic recovery unit (Weight Reduction)

The TERELENA treatment and process are applicable to both textures and staple polyester; they permanently modify the physical character of the fiber by creating many micro-cavities which greatly increase the surface area and consequently the surface tension.

TERELENA is more than a simple process for improving drape, soft hand and achieving a silk like depth of luster. TERELENA treatment by extracting polyester form the surface of the fiber to form micro-cavities causes a reduction of fabric weight. The purpose of our TERELENA UNIT is to add quality and value to polyester fabrics. To achieve comfort, soft hand, drape, transpiration, soil-release effect, electrostatic conductivity, moisture absorbency, elimination of synthetic fiber-gloss complete uniformity and repeatability with auto system, simplicity of operation full control of the parameters which influence the process (with PLC machines only). Saving of dyestuff in subsequent processing, increased penetration of printing paste, improves response to sueding or raising.

The technician operating the system can set the parameters values which provide the complete uniformity, reproducibility of the terelena process namely a bath concentration, absorption of alkaline solution, reaction temperature, reaction time and fabric characteristics.
Technical Specifications:




TWR-II 400


TRW-IV 800

TWR-VI 1200

Fabric Loading Capacity Upto - For Dress


300 - 400

500 - 600

700 - 800

1000 - 1200

Fabric Loading Capactiy Upto - For Suiting


250 - 350

375 - 450

500 - 600

750 -900

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