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Plc Controlled Multi Cylinder Drying Range

PLC Controlled Multi Cylinder Drying Range with Individual Cylinder Drives with Or without padding m

PLC Controlled Multi Cylinder Drying Range with Individual Cylinder Drives with Or without padding m

Cylindrical Drying Range

The frame of each stack consists of fabricated mild steel channels with interconnections. If machine consists of more than one stack, these are interconnected by means of fabricated frame which is also carrying the compensators.

For maximum drying capacity with minimum fabric tension, cylinder drums with a dia meter of 760 mm, the cylinders have a finely polished surface and their sides are provided with inspection holes and vacuum valves. The journals run in special heat resistant bearings pedestals. Admissible working steam pressure is 3.5 bar, test pressure upto 5.25 bars. Each cylinder is fed through a rotary joint which feed the steam and condensate returns without any leakage. When a machine consists of more than one stack the steam distribution and condensate return pipes are inter connected.

The operation side of stack has a vertical steam distribution pipe with a T-piece at the upper end. This piece is connected to the steam supply and a safety device and steam trap at the bottom end.

2 Bowl Padding Mangle

The frame of mangle is fabricated from heavy duty mild steel. All fabricated part of mangle are shot blasted, primed and sprayed with two component paint in the desired colour.

Squeezing roll are made of heavy duty mild steel pipe and covered with the best available rubber quality hardness ranging from 75° shores for intermediate upto 85° shore for high extraction. This rubber is highly resistance to all chemicals commonly used in process, suitable pneumatic cylinder to give proper pressure through out the width of roller. Stainless steel trough with S.S. guide roll, rubber expander, a compensator, fabric passes through high entry for one dip one nip.

3 Bowl Padding Mangle


All components are same as 2 Bowl except it content. 3 Bowl arrangements are all rubber roll, with an arrangement of two dip two nip process.

Finishing & Coating Machine

Finishing & Coating Machine

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